Select 10Micron Mounts on Sale between 15th December 2020 to 10th January 2021

Ordering and Shipping

Shipping Methods

Accessories and other small items will normally be shipped by USPS Priority Mail (2-3day) or UPS Ground for heavier items.  We promise to expertly pack your items, and never skimp on packing materials or methods.

GM2000 and smaller Mounts and tripods are shipped by UPS Ground, but other arrangements are possible.  Larger mounts (GM3000 and larger) will be sent by ground freight.

Shipping Charges

Packing and Shipping charges are additional for each order.  For accessories and small items the shipping charges will be added.

Mounts and tripods will be quoted, and the customer will only be charged for actual costs.  Please note that GM3000 and GM4000 mounts require a shipping package to be included as part of the sale.

Charges will be dependant upon what you order. We will make you fully aware of these when you contact us to discuss your requirements.