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About AstroMounts by Alpine Astro

About AstroMounts

Welcome to AstroMounts.  Our mission is to provide access to the world’s finest mounting systems for high-precision imaging and tracking, along with expert technical support.  We have long-term relationships with our suppliers, and are able to assist in all aspects of product support.

We are a subsidiary of Alpine Astronomical, LLC, which covers a broad range of visual and imaging astronomical accessories.  Through AstroMounts, we are able to provide a greater focus and resources to assist you in selecting and using these high-precision mounts and accessories.

Alpine Astronomical was started in 2002 with the purpose of making unique high-end astronomical equipment visible and available to discriminating amateurs and professionals.  The equipment that we promote and sell represents what we have found to be the most functional and high-quality available.  Many of our items were unknown or simply unavailable to amateurs in the US until we introduced them here. 

Alpine Astronomical was founded out of our own love and interest in amateur astronomy.  We've been active observers and imagers for over 40 years and have developed a knowledge and sense for what works, and what doesn't.  These products have proven their usefulness and meet our own discriminating standards.  As dedicated users of this equipment we are also uniquely suited to expertly support it and to provide you with assistance and advice.  Furthermore, we have been careful to partner with two of the most respected astronomical innovators and manufacturers in the world; Baader Planetarium of Germany, and 10Micron of Italy.    

Please take some time to sift through the extensive information on our website.  You won't find a huge array of the same old products offered by bulk mail order houses, and you will get our full support to help you select and use this equipment.   As you can tell, we are a small, technically driven company.  We have attempted to provide a large amount of detail and suggested applications for each product.  We certainly appreciate any feedback you may have, and encourage you to email us with any comments or specific questions.  Our overriding philosophy on customer service is to treat you with the same honesty and respect that we want to be treated with as customers ourselves.  Though much of our equipment can be considered 'high-end' we are more than happy to help amateurs who are just getting started as well as experienced amateurs and professionals in search of that certain item or problem to be solved.  Chances are, if we don't have it, we can point you in the right direction.

Clear Skies,

Bob Luffel


Alpine Astronomical, LLC