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About 10Micron

About 10Micron

Since 2007, Alpine Astronomical (and now AstroMounts) has offered the superb 10Micron telescope mountings to US astronomers.  These precision Italian made mountings are like no other.  10Micron produces what we think are the finest and most capable high-precision mountings in the world, bringing a unique level of quality, accuracy, capacity and performance to the discriminating amateur and professional astronomer.  With the advent of HPS (High Precision and Speed), 10Micron mountings enable full unguided imaging even at long focal lengths. 

10Micron is a division of COMEC-Technology, an Italian precision mechanics and equipment Company that was started over 50 years ago near Milan.  From a love of astronomy and science, the 10Micron division was born.  Since 2000, 10Micron has pioneered and continued to innovate in the development of professional grade robotic telescope mount systems.  Their in-house engineering and precision manufacturing capabilities enable them to maintain close control of all the processes used to develop and produce the hardware and software for these extraordinary mounts.


Mount Assembly Area


Testing and Lab Area:  full electrical and mechanical evaluations can be performed to ensure each and every mount passes stringent quality tests


Production Department:  precision machinery and metrology ensure the accuracy that has made 10Micron famous.