Select 10Micron Mounts on Sale between 15th December 2020 to 10th January 2021
  •    10Micron GM1000
 AstroMounts with 10Micron and Baader Planetarium

Why AstroMounts?

AstroMounts (Alpine Astronomical) is the oldest 10Micron dealer in North America.  We have been selling and supporting 10Micron mounts since 2007 when we introduced 10Micron products to the US.  Not only have we been selling and supporting these mounts for over 12 years, but we have been active users of this equipment ourselves.   We are uniquely suited to offer the best pre and post-sales information and support, and maintain a very close relationship with the 10Micron factory.   We are also the only 10Micron dealer to offer the full range of related Baader Planetarium accessories for the 10Micron mounts.   As a result, we’re able to offer complete system packages that meet your needs and at the best pricing possible.

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